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With this assumption, we have p f D fL. Lemma 3. G/. f /. Proof. s . z/jd zA dy < 1: G This implies s G . s / rQ . Theorem 4. Let G be a locally compact unimodular group. G/. Proof. f /S . G/ and " > Z0. G/ and " > 0. AccordingZto Proposition 2 of Sect. G / Using the commutation theorem of Sect. G/ is the limit of 2G . / for G a locally compact unimodular group. H/ the involutive Banach algebra of all continuous operators of H. H/, kT k is the norm of the operator T . E 0 /0 . H/ with T x ˇx 2 H; T 2 B dense in H .

3, p. 789/. [35], Th´eor`eme 1, 32 2 The Commutation’s Theorem p. 280, [36], Chap. I, Sect. 5, p. 71, Th´eor`eme 1 and Exercice 5 p. 80/. [90], p. / Theorem 5. G/. f˛ / 2 Ä jjjT jjj2 for every ˛. Proof. According to Theorem 1 But by Theorem 5 of Sect. G//. G/: Remark. We will extend this result to p 6D 2 for certain classes of locally compact groups. f˛ /. Chapter 3 The Figa–Talamanca Herz Algebra Let G be a locally compact group. G/, is a Banach algebra for the b pointwise product on G. G/. G / 0 Let G be a locally compact group and 1 < p < 1.

6002, Th´eor`eme 1, [57], p. 244, [59], p. 72, Corollary/. G/ is a Banach algebra [41]. 1, p. , p. 54/. See the notes to Chap. 3 for Herz’ approach and various generalizations. Corollary 6. Let G be a locally compact group and 1 < p < 1. G/ . G/ of all limits of convolution operators associated to bounded measures. G/. G/. G /: The Notion of Pseudomeasure Proposition 1. Let G be an abelian locally compact group. u/j Ä kbk1 kukA2 : Proof. We have Z ! u/. x/. u/. x/ d : G GO ! u/k1 D kbk1 kukA2 : ˇˇˇ ˇˇˇ p According to Theorem 2 of Sect.

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