By Julius Pokorny

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Lang:- eng Vol-pt 1, Pages 136 it's the copy of the unique variation released lengthy again (). Hardcover with stitching binding with smooth laminated multi-Colour airborne dirt and dust hide, revealed on top of the range Paper, professionally processed with out altering its contents.We stumbled on this publication very important for the readers who need to know approximately our previous treasure so we introduced it again to the cabinets. Print on call for.

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D. ev very early became %v and was treated like that. g. e. any After O. la Ir. 4, (fr. E. trace. g. f. fr. *deivi, gen. sg. ' cZia fr. *deivos, Lat. divus, Skr. devds. de '" -'" fr. >^ / ;i ~- ~^ -" s E. iv appears (a) as i. I. g. (/3) v fr. g. ivi, gen. sg. ' eo. E. *g ivos, fr. Welsh 6^/w ; cf. Lat, vivus. m. g. (8) as fr. E. *g ivoi, dat. sg. of &eo. i. ' /ms I shall light ' fr. *vi-vik-s-o, 1st sg. fut. offccltid Lat. vincere, 0. High German ivihan. ) (e) before d, o as e, before e, i, u as i.

Ir. as d. Cf. §§ 7, 87. dr, dl, dn, see § 109. g. dg becomes c(c), -aicci ' sees' c(gg). -dc-cjet, *ad-his-et. fr. fo-acaib 'leaves' fr. *-ad-gliabh-i-t. p (bb), ds becomes ss. d-t in the interior of a word db becomes becomes ss, in composition see giall d-tl, ' fr. g. On t(t). ' ' ' *ad-bhogis cf. ; should judge' I bongid fr. § 98, p. 3 F. ' mess 'judgment' fr. *med-tus but at(t)ach 'prayer,' } *ad-tekom. fr. dm in composition becomes mm. attempt fr. *ad-med-tus. E. g. dn t ' ' (dd). g. trot fr.

Dn t ' ' (dd). g. trot fr. quarrel *trud-nb- ; cf. d(h)v becomes d. dorus door fr. g. Lat. trudo. E. g, gh, g, gh, | 95. g% ; Lat. cf. forum. initial g" before u, postvocalic before j and before consonants in the interior of a word g in 0. v g become Ir. This g usually preserved in 0. Ir. (cf. §§7, 86). v Lat. formus. grith heat fr. *g hrtus cf. gor heat v voice fr. utus cf. Greek ftorj. g. ' ' ; ; ' ' ; nigid washes ' On fr. 0. C. *nigeti, 1 Greek vi^to. gl, gn, gr, see § 109. ) becomes ss. he drove fr.

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