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The sheep and livestock were led from grazing area to grazing area throughout the valley by herders hired for this purpose. While some families still have livestock, and still bring them to Darma Valley for summer grazing, the number of animals is reportedly greatly diminished. The cycle of migration for the purpose of grazing animals, moving agricultural operations, and conducting trade is referred to as transhumance (Hoon 1996), and the 20 From the town of Tawaghat, where the Kali River and the Dhauli Rivers meet, there are three villages before one reaches Sela (Sobla, Dar and Bungling).

Because the Byans and Chaudangs are considered sister tribes, the Darma sometimes inter-marry with both groups. As mentioned, the Hindi-speaking people of the area are mainly from the plains, and they don’t frequently interact with the local populations. For example, the military has its own grocery store, and the Western subcontractors for the dam project usually have goods shipped up from Delhi for their staff. One subcontractor has built a private subdivision in Dharchula where its employees reside.

23 Darma, or if a closely related, mutually intelligible language is spoken there. Whatever the case may be, this area must be investigated further. Sino-Tibetan 1. Baric Division 2. Burmic Division 3. 3 Almora Branch a. Rangkas Rangkas, Darmiya b. ngsi! B: Genetic Classification: Shafer (in Hale 1982) 24 Tibeto-Burman 1. Bodo-Garo 2. Kuki-Naga 3. Kachin 4. Burmese-Lolo 5. Abor-Miri Dafla 6. Bahing-Vayu 7. 2 Almora Subtype a. Rangkas, Darmiya b. C: Genetic Classification: Benedict (in Hale 1982) 25 Sino-Tibetan 1.

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