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Thus far I have not been able to find a valid contrast in word initial position for palatal nasals /ْ/ and /ْ’/. o. o. 1 above. 2 the vowels. 1 Stops Of the stops, only /p, t, k/ can occur word-finally, in which position they are always unreleased. Release of the stops in initial and intervocalic positions is plain, never aspirated. In medial position only voiceless stops can follow nasals. 2. Polysyllabic words are usually stressed on the penultimate syllable. In the phonetic notations stress will not be indicated, unless it is on another syllable than the penultimate.

These two Ibanic varieties, and that they determine the shape of the syllable structures. This preliminary analysis of Ketungau Sesat is based on field notes taken during several trips into the old Sekadau area during the years 2001-2002. The above quoted data were obtained from an informant from the village of Natai Ucong. 19 I also searched Dunselman’s texts that contain some 3000 verses (Dunselman 1955). 3 33 Syllable and root structure The basic syllable structure in Mualang is (C)(C)V(C)(C).

In this subsection I will discuss remaining morphophonemic phenomena pertaining to some of the prefixes. Unless otherwise indicated the variants discussed are those which occur in normal speech. 7 of Chapter 7. It has two alternate forms: bal- and ba֙-. Their occurrence is merely lexically conditioned and not productive. The form ba- is productively used. bal- has thus far been found to appear only in a single case with the base aja֙ ‘to teach’: bal-aja֙ ‘learn’. g. in a swing)’. 4 of Chapter 7.

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A grammar of Mualang : an Ibanic language of western Kalimantan, Indonesia by Johnny Tjia

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