By Brian Bolt

ISBN-10: 0521446198

ISBN-13: 9780521446198

A Mathematical Pandora's field has been written based on the luck of Brian Bolt's previous mathematical puzzle books. via his personal adventure, the writer has stumbled on a global curiosity in those and comparable puzzles. not just do they stimulate inventive considering yet they could additionally open up new components of arithmetic to the reader. This ebook includes 142 actions: as well as puzzles, there are video games, methods, types and motives of assorted phenomena. they vary from quantity manipulation, via chuffed and amicable numbers, coin puzzles, picnicking bears and pentominoes, to construction shapes with cubes. the various puzzles date from thousands of years in the past whereas many others are unique, giving every person whatever to consider. there's a targeted remark on the finish of the booklet, giving ideas and factors, including the occasional follow-up challenge.

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You are challenged to find all the different triangular animals you can using six triangles. One of the animals, known as the 'crown', is given to start you off. Make cut-outs from thin card of the animals you have found and then try to fit them together, jigsaw fashion, to cover the diamond and hexagon shown. You will need all the possible shapes to cover the diamond, but the hexagon only needs nine of your animals. 92 Multiplication magic 41096 x 83 = 3410968 To multiply 41096 by 83, all you need to do is to enclose 41096 with the 3 and 8 as shown.

Dr Shah challenged Ravi to measure the width of the river without getting wet. Ravi protested that he had no instruments but Dr Shah assured him that, with a little thought and some exercise, he would be able to measure the width of the river, in terms of his paces, quite easily. Ravi succeeded. Would you have done? Of course there was no bridge! 39 68 In their prime Mr and Mrs Babbage first met when they were pupils at secondary school. In 1994 they celebrated the wedding of their youngest daughter, Rachel.

Rearrange the numbers so that the sequence you form does not contain any increasing or decreasing sequences of five numbers. Now, using any integers you like, find the longest possible sequence which does not contain any increasing or decreasing sequences of five numbers. 96 Fencing! Joe Appleyard wanted to build a fence to protect his orchard. The fence was to be built 90 m down one side of a valley and 78 m up the other side. The slope of the valley sides are shown, together with the heights of the valley sides above the valley's 54 m bottom.

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