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Writers like Kuhn and Polanyi's subjectivistic method of technological know-how are nonetheless well known in a few circles, generally as a result of the west's fascination with person recognition and the existential and phenomenological methods to fact that grew out of that. whereas this can be comprehensible traditionally i think that this technique remains to be invalid, so i assumed i might say a bit approximately that.

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This is all very interesting sociologically. If somebody were writing about the sociology of the state machinery, there would be a lot of material on that from the McCarthy years. There were many people who served as informers for McCarthy, among them officials from the Voice of America. But even more important than one's party affiliation, in an American-type government, is which governmental branch controls your office. Of course, Republicans and Democrats aren't friends, but Congress and the executive branch are even greater enemies.

Although specialists in the narrower sense, Pollock and Fromm were also highly cultured. None of us had chosen narrow fields of study at the university. This was a good basis for our collaboration. Dubiel: Well, I get the feeling that I'm insisting on a personal idée fixe . Lowenthal: In many cases our conversations stimulated future works. I think I have already told you how I came to write my essay on Hamsun. In conversation with Horkheimer and Marcuse, the latter claimed that Hamsun was the greatest living novelist.

We were glad that Benjamin regularly wrote articles for the Zeitschrift . He was in no way a merely pro forma colleague, but someone who intellectually, if not physically, belonged to our group even though he lived on the other side of the Atlantic. Of course, it was easier—after all, you know how the Zeitschrift was edited—to deal with a co-worker in the New York office in making changes and adjustments relating to differences of opinion. Unfortunately, Benjamin was far from the scene. It was Adorno's main task to look over Benjamin's essays and to correspond with him about them.

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