By as-Sayyid Murtadã al-‘Askarī (Translated by M. J. Muqaddas)

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He was captured by Mo‘ãwia, and imprisoned in Palestine. After managing to escape he was recaptured and executed. He had the privilege of meeting the prophet. 5) Mohammad Bin Abubakr. His mother was Asma, the daughter of Omais Khathamyiah, the wife of Ja‘far Bin Abi Taleb. After Ja‘far was martyred Asma married Abubakr and Mohammad was born to her. al-Imãm Ali adopted him after Abubakr died. Mohammad was the commander of the infantry in the battle of Jamal. He was also present at the battle of Siffīn.

This story is false and made up by ‘Abdullãh Bin Saba΄, Abũzar never preached against the wealthy people, his talks were aimed at Mo‘ãwia and his dynasty, who had captured peoples' wealth by force and ‘Abdullãh Bin Saba΄ tried to cover up the matter by making up these tales. 254, talking about different denominations says; "At the end of ‘Othmãn's reign, some secret groups, scattered far and wide, rioted against ‘Othmãn, trying to rob him of power and give it to someone else. Amongst these groups some were soliciting support for Ali, the strongest force behind this movement in Basra, Kũfa and Damascus was ‘Abdullãh Bin Saba΄.

The above list gives evidence to the fact that the story of ‘Abdullãh Bin Saba΄ has been started by Saif and cited primarily from Tabari. Therefore, Saif's character and history should be studied and analysed with great care. * * * * WHO IS SAIF? L. ). He wrote two books. 1. al-Fotouh wal Reddah which is the history of the period before the death of the Prophet until the third Caliph ‘Othmãn resumed office as the ruler of Muslim world. 2. al-Jamal wa Maseer ‘Ãyesha wa Ali which is the history from the murder of ‘Othmãn to the battle of Jamal.

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Abdullâh Ibn Saba and Other Myths by as-Sayyid Murtadã al-‘Askarī (Translated by M. J. Muqaddas)

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