By Yangzom Brauen

ISBN-10: 0312600135

ISBN-13: 9780312600136

[i]A strong, emotional memoir and a rare portrait of 3 generations of Tibetan ladies whose lives are perpetually replaced while Chairman Mao’s purple military crushes Tibetan independence, sending a tender mom and her six-year-old daughter on a treacherous trip around the snowy Himalayas towards freedom

[/i]Kunsang concept she could by no means depart Tibet. one of many country's youngest Buddhist nuns, she grew up in a distant mountain village the place, as undefined, she entered the neighborhood nunnery. even though easy, Kunsang's existence gave her all she wanted: a oneness with nature and a experience of the religious in all issues. She married a monk, had childrens, and lived in peace and prayer. yet now not for lengthy. there has been a asserting in Tibet: "When the iron poultry flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan humans may be scattered like ants around the face of the earth." The chinese language invasion of Tibet in 1950 replaced every little thing. whilst squaddies arrived at her mountain monastery, destroying every thing of their direction, Kunsang and her relatives fled around the Himalayas merely to spend years in Indian refugee camps. She misplaced both her husband and her youngest baby on that trip, yet the future held a unprecedented flip of occasions that will ceaselessly swap her life--the arrival within the refugee camps of an aesthetic younger Swiss guy lengthy eager about Tibet. Martin Brauen will fall immediately in love with Kunsang's younger daughter, Sonam, finally profitable her middle and hand, and taking mother and daughter with him to Switzerland, the place Yangzom can be born.

Many tales lie hidden till the appropriate individual arrives to inform them. In rescuing the tale of her now 90-year-old inspirational grandmother and her mom, Yangzom Brauen has given us a publication jam-packed with love, braveness, and triumph,as good as allowing us a unprecedented and bright glimpse of existence in rural Tibet earlier than the arriving of the Chinese. Most importantly, though, ACROSS MANY MOUNTAINS is a testomony to 3 robust, made up our minds ladies who are linked by an unbreakable relatives bond.  

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Desk of Contents
Editor's Introduction
1. The BuddhaÕs traditional and supreme Tooth
Ð John Buescher
2. Ask a Farmer: final research and Conventional
Existence in Tsong kha pa's Lam rim chen mo
Ð man Newland
3. portray the objective: at the id of the
Object of Negation (dgag bya) Ð Donald S. Lopez, Jr.
4. slicing the Roots of advantage: Tsong kha pa on the
Results of Anger Ð Daniel Cozort
5. Ethics because the foundation of a Tantric culture: Tsong kha pa
and the Founding of the dGe lugs Order in Tibet
Ð Elizabeth Napper
6. Bon rDzogs chen on Authenticity (pramÝna, tshad ma):
Prose and Poetry at the direction Ð Anne Carolyn Klein
7. The dGe ldanÐbKaÕ brgyud culture of MahÝmudrÝ:
How a lot dGe ldan? How a lot bKaÕ brgyud?
Ð Roger R. Jackson
8. Demons at the mom: Objections to the Perfect
Wisdom Sñtras in Tibet Ð Gareth Sparham
9. Gung thang and Sa bzang Ma ti Paû chen on the
Meaning of ÒFoundational ConsciousnessÓ
(Ýlaya, kun gzhi) Ð Joe Bransford Wilson
10. Authorship and Literary creation in
Classical Buddhist Tibet Ð JosŽ Ignacio Cabez—n
11. Altruism and Adversity: views from Psychoanalytic
Object kinfolk thought Ð Harvey B. Aronson
12. Drawing the metal Bow: A Bibliographic Appreciation
of the Literary Legacy of Paul Jeffrey Hopkins
and His software on the collage of Virginia
Ð Paul G. Hackett
Contributors 327

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28 Nāgasena is evasive when the king asks who he is. 1, PTS 25]). The king retorts by calling him a liar. If Nāgasena himself is not found among existing things, then the person speaking to the king cannot be Nāgasena at all. Nāgasena replies by turning the tables: N: You, sire, are a noble delicately nurtured, exceedingly delicately nurtured. If you, sire, go on foot at noon-time on the scorching ground and hot sand, trampling on sharp grit and pebbles and sand, your feet hurt you, your body wearies, your thought is impaired, and tactile consciousness arises accompanied by anguish.

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