By Josh Gregory,Kathleen Petelinsek

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Rope, screw, seal, shackle skewer, solder, staple, stitch, strap, string, tack, tape, tether, thumbtack, . ee- Sht, chain, clamp, clasp, clip, epoxy, fetter, glue, gum, hand- cuff, harness, hinge, hitch, hook, knot, lace, lash, lasso, latch, leash, link, lock, loop, manacle, moor, muzzle, nail, padlock, beat, bundle, cluster, collate, gather glom am herd, jumble, lump, mass, package, pair, roll shuffle, stir, whip, whisk P=into: beat collect, scramble, shake, shuffle, splice, stir swiii whip, whisk P=to: append attach, baste, bind, bond, fasten, fuse, graft, mow.

Comments: The image impression alternation superficial') ' spray/load form of the locative alternation and has sometime ' j «»Sl J tCv ce . eStlCk . xi11,6auieo Smh0hWln8 character,zed altemation takenagent, three aarguments that location, and nstrume r ent is moved by the agent into contact with the 69 68 i iO location; thus the instrument also qualifies as a theme in the Grub sense. The agent is always expressed as the subject . ' Either the I . , 1 . ! q r-& ni the alf . B . \ u alln, this alternation is the use of the preposition against to head the phrase expressing the location.

Welcomr be characterized as an agent, a location, and an instrument this alternation is the use of the preposition through to i praise Comments: The verbs showing this alternation, like " with/against alternation, take arguments that as a first aPPr0 t ridicule, scold, scorn, shame snub, upbraid, victimize, mVVUDGMENT VERBS: COmpenSate com Paula hit the fence with the stick. " , , , Vilify a. * Paula hit the stick through/into the fence. b , , pinch, prod, sting, stroke, tickle, touch (218) , , club, conk, cosh, cudgel, cuff, flog, knife, paddle paddy«to£ pummel, sock, spank, strap, thrash, truncheon, wallojM .

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