By Artemis Alexiadou

ISBN-10: 902722739X

ISBN-13: 9789027227393

This monograph investigates a few principal concerns within the Syntax of Adverbs with specific connection with Greek within the mild of Kayne's (1994) Antisymmetry speculation. It examines the stipulations at the placement of many of the adverb varieties, their licensing standards, and their relation to adjectives. the writer advances an research in line with which adverbs are approved as Specifiers of sensible projections within the clausal area. As such, they input an identical relation with the suitable beneficial properties of the respective sensible head. Adverbs are both at once merged on the proper practical projection (for example Aspectual and Speaker orientated adverbs) or then again they're moved to this place from the supplement area of the verb (for example demeanour adverbs). additionally, the quantity examines the phenomenon of Adverb Incorporation. it's proposed that Incorporation is compulsory for these vice chairman inner Adverbs that are 'structuraly non-complex' in Chomsky's 1995 phrases. ultimately, the similarities and changes among adverbs and adjectives, clausal and nominal constitution are investigated and a few asymmetries among the 2 are highlighted.

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Martin Haspelmath (personal communication) informs me that these are manner adverbs. Thomason & Stalnaker (1973) discuss in detail issues of adverbial logic; they offer arguments for treating adverbs as functional operators (see also Laenzlinger 1993). In syntactic theory, operator phrases are also subject to Spec-head licensing. This part relies heavily on observations made in Jackendoff (1972), Travis (1988) and Lonzi (1991). Just a summary of possible positions is given. A fully-fledged presentation will be provided when discussing each adverbial class.

Argues against the presence of Agr in the set of functional elements provided by UG, as among other things it does not have any semantice import. The presence vs. absence of Agr does not really play a role in my discussion on adverbs. Nevertheless, I will be assuming that Agr projections are needed for the licensing of arguments (see Alexiadou & Anagnostopoulou 1996a,c for arguments in favor of Agr). The authors have proposed that AgrSP is the locus of EPP checking. 6 . For a criticism of both approaches see Manzini (1995).

Additionally, specifiers can be distinguished from adjuncts: namely, specifiers are sisters of X', whereas adjuncts are sisters of X m a x : (i) [x"Adjunct [x" Specifier [x' Head Complement]]] According to Hoekstra, the notion of Specifier conflates two unrelated concepts. On the one hand, specifiers are looked upon as modifiers in more traditional approaches. On the other hand, specifiers are looked upon as landing sites for movement licensed by Spechead agreement. For example, in (iia) slowly is regarded as a verb modifier, whereas in (iib) who is regarded as being the specifier of CP agreeing in wh-features: (ii) a.

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