By Harun Yahya

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In addition, it has been endowed with the most perfect maneuvering and landing abilities. A mosquito requires a high level of oxygen to beat its wings at this speed. Therefore, it has a special respiratory passage that immediately reaches every cell in its body. Since this passage is directly connected to the outside air, its cells engage in oxygen exchange without the need for any A person can only wave his or her arms a few times every second; a mosquito can beat its wings 500 times a second.

Darwin imagined, mistakenly, and therefore based his entire theory on the assumption that these life forms were primitive. However, twenty-first century technology clearly reveals that these life forms are perfect entities with such complex features and abilities that they could never have come into being by chance or spontaneously. In fact, the theory of evolution cannot account for the HARUN YAHYA 63 supposed random emergence of bacteria. All of these things are manifestations of Allah’s artistry, for He created and brought together these awesome complexities, perfect structures, and flawless abilities.

In the same way that we decide to walk, they decide to breathe. When they rise to the surface, they fill 80-90% of their lungs with air so that they can stay underwater for a long time. Breathing while asleep is no problem for them, for they use their brain’s right and left lobes alternately for 15-minute periods. While one lobe sleeps, the other is on duty so that the dolphin can ascend to the surface and breathe. Human beings are not the only entities on Earth with complex features. Just about everywhere you research and investigate, you can see countless complex and varied life forms flying in the sky or living in the depths of the oceans.

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