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3 It is obvious that not all migrant categories engage in continuous and dense transnational practices between countries of emigration and immigration, or are involved in transnational politics. There are migrant groups, for instance such as the German re-migrants from the Soviet Union (Spätaussiedler), the majority of who break off relations with their countries of origin as soon as they arrive in the host country. There are also groups which maintain minimal contact to their countries of origin, but establish or cultivate contacts in countries to which they plan to move on some time in the future.

The difference to our times is that it is not the OECD countries but the then Muslim world which stood at the center. Also, the ubiquity of electronic communication was not available. D. 1250-1350. Oxford: Oxford University Press. , 2003: Remaking the American mainstream: Assimilation and contemporary immigration. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Basch, Linda, Nina Glick Schiller and Cristina Szanton Blanc, 1994: Nations Unbound: Transnational Projects, Postcolonial Predicaments, and Deterritorialized Nation-States.

We must note Tölölyan’s use of the word exemplary here, for it highlights a normative move that is just as ideological as the Victorian guide books of disciplinary development ever were: transnational social spaces are exemplary because they make no pretense to territory, they make no claim to power. They are simply the deterritorialized ”other” of whatever else it views in terms of a territorialized ”same”. This argument is a development of the universal humanism that once produced English. However, it remains engaged in the theoretical enterprise of expanding the space of culture at the cost of denying its place.

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