By R. Byron Bird (auth.), Constantine Dafermos, J. L. Ericksen, David Kinderlehrer (eds.)

ISBN-10: 146121064X

ISBN-13: 9781461210641

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ISBN-13: 9781461270003

This IMA quantity in arithmetic and its purposes AMORPHOUS POLYMERS AND NON-NEWTONIAN FLUIDS is partly the complaints of a workshop which was once a vital part of the 1984-85 IMA software on CONTINUUM PHYSICS AND PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS we're thankful to the clinical Committee: Haim Brezis Constantine Dafermos Jerry Ericksen David Kinderlehrer for making plans and imposing a thrilling and stimulating year-long application. We espe­ cially thank this system Organizers, Jerry Ericksen, David Kinderlehrer, Stephen Prager and Matthew Tirrell for organizing a workshop which introduced jointly scientists and mathematicians in a number of parts for a fruitful alternate of principles. George R. promote Hans Weinberger Preface reports with amorphous polymers have provided a lot of the incentive for constructing novel forms of molecular idea, to aim to house the extra major beneficial properties of platforms regarding very huge molecules with many levels offreedom. equally, the observations of many strange macroscopic phenomena has prompted efforts to increase linear and nonlinear theories of viscoelasticity to explain them. In both occasion, we're faced now not with a well-established, particular set of equations, yet with a number of equations, conforming to a free trend and prompt by way of common types of reasoning. One problem is to plot concepts for locating equations able to supplying convinced and trustworthy predictions. regarding this can be the problem of gaining knowledge of how you can higher take hold of the character of ideas ofthose equations exhibiting a few promise.

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4) R - p(a-b) - 'l·T, and [T. nj is the jump of the stress vector ac ross element boundaries. Together with initial conditions appropriate to the flow this constitutes the weak statement of the problem. t throughout. nj,1I»i = 0, E(l1t)«(T· n-T),u» 1 = O. 5) In this paper the approximate Eulerian time operator is taken as E(l1t) - I - (l1t/2)8 18t + O(l1t 2 ). 6) It is normal to take the unknown fields to be functions of time and space, but to regard the test functions u as dependent on the space variables alone.

Actually. he re we will only establish appropriate apriori estimates; ~ g(u) • under initial data that have bounded variation or are presumably. the construction of solutions may then be effected by various techniques. , via difference approximations. The assumptions and results are recorded in Seetion 2 and the proofs, by the method of generalized characteristics (cf. [2]), are given in subsequent sections. 2. ), on [0,"). 5) -0) and have bounded variation over < X < co , [0,11. 1) guarantees that hyperbolic waves propagate at 39 non·zero speed and hence do not resonate with the memory term.

2) a(x,t) f(u(x,t») . 2) yield a strictly hyperbolic system for wh ich the Cauchy problem has been studied extensively: smooth, a c1assical solution starts out at t = 0 time, with the formation of shocks (cf. [14, 13]). when the initial data are but eventually breaks down in a finite When the initial data have small 34 total variation, an admissible weak solution exists, globally in time, in the class BV of functions of bounded variation non linear, in the sense that (cf. [9]). f"(u) '" 0 Furthermore, if the system is genuinely on its domain of definition, then a globally defined admissible BV solution exists under initial data that are merely bounded measurable and have small oscillation (cf.

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Amorphous Polymers and Non-Newtonian Fluids by R. Byron Bird (auth.), Constantine Dafermos, J. L. Ericksen, David Kinderlehrer (eds.)

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