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Probably the use of several large orgone devices has something to do with also. I think that during a very intense set of conditions within the earth' s energy fields, an outline of what the energy was doing was ' burnt into'the grass. I use the term ' burnt'loosely because the grass remains healthy and continues to grow. I will experiment with some of the seeds when they are finished forming. The neighbors must have thought I was nuts out there with a camera on a pole snapping pics of this thing.

This is not a magic wishing machine, it is a device which can record and play back energy signatures. You are responsible for knowing or learning what energy signatures it is appropriate to do what with at a given time, other than the specific samples I have given here in terms of minerals etc. -Jon Logan Using it to promote healing Method A: Take a sample of the person to be treated and place it in the trend witness well, wrapped in a slip of paper with the word ‘illness’ written on it. If the illness or problem is known, then use the name of the illness or problem on the slip of paper.

The ground ballast is simply a cylinder of orgonite inside of a section of copper pipe. The radionic circuits are grounded to the orgonite, and shroud around the electrically driven coil is grounded to the copper. The Lower coil is connected to the ' trend'tuning circuit. This circuit decides what kind of energy it is that you are sending. The trend has 6 dials for finer tuning, and the target has 3 which imo is more than enough for accuracy. There are many more complex ways you could go about this, but this circuit is easy to make (relatively) and in my experience performs well.

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