By Noah Lemos

ISBN-10: 0521842131

ISBN-13: 9780521842136

Epistemology or the idea of information is without doubt one of the cornerstones of analytic philosophy, and this e-book offers a transparent and obtainable advent to the topic. It discusses a number of the major theories of justification, together with foundationalism, coherentism, reliabilism, and advantage epistemology. different subject matters contain the Gettier challenge, internalism and externalism, skepticism, the matter of epistemic circularity, the matter of the criterion, a priori wisdom, and naturalized epistemology. meant basically for college kids taking a firstclass in epistemology, this lucid and well-written textual content could additionally supply a superb advent for a person attracted to understanding extra approximately this significant sector of philosophy.

Part of the Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy sequence.

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39 40 An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge passes out. An hour later he dies of a heart attack. Shortly after that, a mad fiend comes along, sees Omar, and cuts off his head. Still later, Smith comes along and sees poor Omar. Smith sees that Omar’s head has been cut off and Smith believes that Omar is dead because he was decapitated. In this case, Smith knows that Omar is dead. But Smith has not properly reconstructed the causal chain from the fact that Omar is dead to his belief that Omar is dead.

D12 appears to yield the right results in Cases 1, 2, and 3. In spite of its success in dealing with Gettier’s original cases and some variations thereof, D12 faces some rather serious objections. First, D12 seems unable to accommodate our knowledge of various general propositions such as all men are mortal. The fact that all men are mortal does not seem to cause anything. It does not seem to be causally connected to one’s belief that all men are mortal and, thus, it is not appropriately connected.

D7 seems to yield the right result in Case 3. Unfortunately, D7 is also too strong. Consider again Case 3. We assume that Smith knows, (j) Jones, who works in my office, has always driven a Ford in the past, has just offered me a ride in a Ford, and says he owns a Ford. From (j) Smith deduces, (k) There is someone, who works in my office, who has always driven a Ford in the past, who has just offered me a ride in a Ford, and says he owns a Ford. The Gettier problem Surely Smith knows (k). But here’s the problem with D7.

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