By TY Lee

ISBN-10: 9810589417

ISBN-13: 9789810589417

I began this ‘Just be solid ‘ venture with the assumption of getting a
few Buddhist promotionaI fabrics with a shiny, optimistic and
modern sort. I later tied this in with an internet site supplying more
information on Buddhism for these to determine more.
Little did I count on how well known the fabrics may become,
and the impact of the web site on such a lot of humans all over
the world.
My objective is to provide the fundamental ideas of Buddhism in a concise
and down-to-earth demeanour, utilizing an process that many
seem to discover transparent and obtainable. The ‘Just Be sturdy’ project
culminates during this book, according to the writings within the website.
For these analyzing this publication with no but traveling the website,
I could urge you to additionally plow through the positioning. this can be because
it bargains one other wealth of knowledge in terms of unfastened e-books,
talks on MP3 and hyperlinks to different web content which supply deeper
perspectives on many key issues and areas.
I wish to thank with inner most gratitude Ajahn Brahm for
giving me the braveness and help to begin this ‘Just be Good’
project, Ven. Dhammika for his sufferer tips and advice
throughout the venture, Ven. Aggacitta and Ven. Kumaara for
their many priceless feedback and Sister Han Ah Yew and
Mr. Leong Kum Seng for his or her assist in vetting the textual content. I would
also prefer to show my such a lot honest appreciation to Bro. Piya
Tan for writing the part on meditation for this ebook and
Geelyn Lim for all her exertions on its layout and layout.
Special thank you additionally visit all my academics and buddies in the
Dhamma in Singapore for his or her encouragement from the very
beginning. an immense “thank you” and all my love additionally visit my
parents and my spouse, Susan. And my maximum appreciation is
extended to the folks around the globe who've given me
the motivation and the power to proceed and advance this
project. All errors, mistakes and omissions are mine alone.
May all Beings be good and chuffed, and unfastened from actual and
mental ache. may perhaps all Beings embark at the direction of the
Buddha and detect Nibbana. might the entire benefits of this project
be devoted to the happiness and emancipation of all Beings,
and to aid shield and unfold the lessons of the Buddha.

T Y Lee

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Desk of Contents
Editor's Introduction
1. The BuddhaÕs traditional and supreme Tooth
Ð John Buescher
2. Ask a Farmer: final research and Conventional
Existence in Tsong kha pa's Lam rim chen mo
Ð man Newland
3. portray the objective: at the id of the
Object of Negation (dgag bya) Ð Donald S. Lopez, Jr.
4. slicing the Roots of advantage: Tsong kha pa on the
Results of Anger Ð Daniel Cozort
5. Ethics because the foundation of a Tantric culture: Tsong kha pa
and the Founding of the dGe lugs Order in Tibet
Ð Elizabeth Napper
6. Bon rDzogs chen on Authenticity (pramÝna, tshad ma):
Prose and Poetry at the course Ð Anne Carolyn Klein
7. The dGe ldanÐbKaÕ brgyud culture of MahÝmudrÝ:
How a lot dGe ldan? How a lot bKaÕ brgyud?
Ð Roger R. Jackson
8. Demons at the mom: Objections to the Perfect
Wisdom Sñtras in Tibet Ð Gareth Sparham
9. Gung thang and Sa bzang Ma ti Paû chen on the
Meaning of ÒFoundational ConsciousnessÓ
(Ýlaya, kun gzhi) Ð Joe Bransford Wilson
10. Authorship and Literary construction in
Classical Buddhist Tibet Ð JosŽ Ignacio Cabez—n
11. Altruism and Adversity: views from Psychoanalytic
Object kinfolk conception Ð Harvey B. Aronson
12. Drawing the metal Bow: A Bibliographic Appreciation
of the Literary Legacy of Paul Jeffrey Hopkins
and His application on the collage of Virginia
Ð Paul G. Hackett
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With Metta, Queensland Australia 52 First I want to say thank you. Words cannot express the kindness that you have shown me and the rest of the world. You have given so many wonderful words and gifts of wisdom, to all who ask of you. I only hope that my journey will be as blessed and filled with knowledge. I sent my sister to your website, and that was the start of her journey in a new direction. Thank you... California, USA Thank you very much for the wonderful and meaningful gift that you had given to me last week.

Memories of past lives lie deep in the subconscious mind. We are usually unable to access these memories because our minds 31 are not clear, or disciplined enough. For example, very few of us can recall what we did on the same day of even just a month ago! However, research has shown that some young children whose minds remain reasonably clear, may be able to spontaneously recall their past lives. Western psychoanalysts are now using methods of hypnotic regression to help patients with psychological problems, and some of these patients seem to be able to recall their past lives under such therapy.

Depending also on your past kamma, it may be possible that things will soon start to change for the better. If so, don't forget to be grateful and give thanks! 48 Something often overlooked but extremely valuable is the constant practice of mindfulness, or 'sati'. This is related to the practice of Vipassana or Insight meditation which gradually increases self-awareness and the ability to see things as they really are. This practice has been shown to have significant health benefits by enabling one to better manage and control stressful situations.

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