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Mi'. It functions as the indirect object at syntactic level. Since the 40/MORPHOLOGY semantic role and the syntactic function of the dative and accusative noun phrases are different» they are treated as separate cases despite its identity in form. Moreover both dative and accusative noun phrases occur in a simple sentence. Dative noun phrase indicates the bene- factive role. no nika nyimi ajin mi tasan soye I I-gen. girl friend dat. necklace one mi bitoace. t. 'I gave my girl friend a necklace' nika ani tade mi yo bibine.

One of the reasons for considering it as independent word is that it takes the phrase final position when adjectives which follow the headnoun occur with it. ) f Secondly, there is a tendency among the Apatani speakers to posit a semi-pause between the headnoun and case word. This also speaks in favour of considering them as separate words. The word classes that can be set up in Apatani are nouns, pronouns, verb and adverbs. Among them verbs and nouns out number other word 24/MORPHOLOGY classes.

I book ace. below loc. t. 'I put the book down (on the floor)' myu people tane hi ako ho du. some det. below loc. exist 'some people are living in the low lying part of the plateau' 44/MORPHOLOGY 'iko ho|J": This is used to indicate that the location is below the referent and is proximate . molu sani iko ho dune. they tree under loc. t. 'they sat under a tree' mo'yagi mi tebil (ka) ike ho he basket ace. table gen. below loc. atibine. t. 'he kept the basket below the table' 'bipi ho': This is used to indicate that the locus is under the referent.

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