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S. citizen: a guide to the law, exam, and interview Tallying Up Your Time In and Out of the United States You’ll need to know exactly when you were inside and outside the United States— preferably with exact dates. Unless you have a fabulous memory or haven’t taken many trips, you probably can’t figure this out without a little research. Get out your passport, your calendar, your credit card receipts, and your frequent flier records and fill in the table below. This table is taken directly from the citizenship application, so skipping over it will only postpone the inevitable.

Chapter 1 | deciding whether to apply for citizenship | 21 Even if you want to retain your primary home ­inside the United States, gaining citizenship will be a huge help if you travel a great deal or have close family members or other obligations outside the United States. If family emergencies arise, you’ll be able to attend to them, confident of your easy return to the United States. S. S. passport helpful. Many countries lighten their visa requirements and restrictions for citizens of the United States and other developed nations.

Others may become inadmissible, and therefore ineligible to return to the United States once they’ve left. S. citizenship, the specter of removal is eliminated. S. citizens. However, USCIS— although it rarely does so—can take away your citizenship if it finds you lied when seeking your green card or citizenship. S. or to Take Long Trips A green card holder who spends more than six months abroad, or shows signs of resettling elsewhere, can lose permanent residence rights. S. citizen allows you to spend less time in the United States—even to make your home elsewhere if you wish.

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