By E. von Glasersfeld

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Tr ), tr+1)[ep E Sphr(A, xon, where h is any xo-homotopy h : A x 1 ~ X from in : A ~ X to the constant map. Hence 1rr +1 (X, A, xo) ~ 1rr +1 (X, xo) x 1rr (A, xo). 7. The Homotopy Sequence of a Triple. Let (X, A, B) be a topological triple (that is, X is a topological space and BeA c X) with base point Xo E B. 4, the homotopy groups 1rr (X, A, xo), 1rr (X, B, xo), 1rr (A, B, xo) and homomorphisms in* : 1rr (A, B, xo) ~ 1rr (X, B, xo), rel* : 1rr (X, B, xo) ~ 1rr (X, A, xo) induced by the inclusions in : (A, B) ~ (X, B), reI: (X, B) ~ (X, A) are defined for r :::: 1.

A locally trivial bundle is a covering in the wide sense if its fibre is a discrete space. R, base Si and projection x t--+ e2:trix, and the bundle with total space and base Si and projection Z t--+ zm, where m is any non-zero integer. F. Since the projection of a product space onto a factor is an open map, the projection of a trivial bundle, and hence of a locally trivial bundle, is an open map. An obvious verification shows that the product of two trivial bundles is a trivial bundle, and the product of two locally trivial bundles is locally trivial.

1. Coverings. A. 2 that a covering in the wide sense is a 10calIy trivial bundle with discrete fibre. The total space of such a bundle is usually called a covering space. Clearly each point of a covering space has a neighbourhood that is mapped homeomorphically by the projection onto its image in the base. B. A covering in the wide sense is said to be a covering in the narrow sense or simplya covering ifthe covering space and the base are connected and non-empty. AU the fibres of a covering c1early have the same cardinality, caUed the number of sheets of the covering.

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