By Josef Neumann

Описание медных монет мира. ВТорой том включает в себя монеты Швеции, Дании, Нидерландов, Бельгии, Испании, Португалии, Греции, Швейцарии, Италии, Папского государства и Турции. Описано очень большое количество монет начиная 700-х годов. К сожалению, очень мало фототаблиц с изображениями. К еще большему сожалению, второй том - единственный, который мне удалось найти на просторах интернета.

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Then he made a large fire of dead wood from the forest and he gathered a heap of granite stones and put them into the fire. He made a pit, square all round in the ground, and he filled it with water. He cut up his meat and he wrapped it in marsh grass and he put it in the hole ... he was supplying and continuously putting the well reddened long heated stones in the water, and he kept it constantly boiling until his meat was cooked. Rachael Feild further described the method, saying a dug pit was divided in half with the fire in one half and the food to be cooked in the other after it was lined with stone and mortared with clay.

Metal cauldrons became more prevalent after they were copied by Irish tinkers and peddlers. 7. The Medieval Period 35 The Forme of Cury contains recipes for soups, broths, caudles, brewets, soppes, ragouts, hashes, and pottages containing ingredients such as cabbage, rape, beans, herbs, gourds, rice, mushrooms (fungus), venison, bread, veal, chicken, rabbit, hare, oysters, mussels, saffron, onions, almonds, and so on. Hoggepot, an early recipe for hodgepodge, was made from geese, onions, wine, water, and bread.

D. 27 While controversies rose and abated, through it all various cuisines and cooking techniques were beginning to emerge which would remain constant, although refined over the coming years. 8. The Renaissance Era and Beyond By the early Renaissance era, the groundwork had been laid for the world’s cuisines, but there remained much work to do in refining and improving the dishes. Of equal importance was the advancement of agricultural practices and improving the quality of cultivated vegetables.

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