By Dina Gachman

ISBN-10: 1580055680

ISBN-13: 9781580055680

In Brokenomics, writer Dina Gachman stocks the teachings she’s discovered approximately the right way to stay huge within the affordable seats. via tales either painfully sincere and laugh-out-loud humorous that anybody can relate to, Dina finds the entire tips you must reside the nice lifestyles with no spending a ton of money.

Brokenomics covers where the place economics and daily life collide. It includes:

ideas for altering your approach (“There Will consistently Be anyone Richer, Taller, Smarter, and higher having a look Than You”)
clever phrases approximately making great judgements, like elevating children—or now not (“Why Have a child in the event you Can simply Get a pleasant Potted Plant?”)
Clear-eyed dating suggestion (“Do now not Date a person Who Loves Their Bong greater than They Love You”)
stable information for renters (“The Freeloader's advisor to Housesitting”)
and techniques for speaking to your honey approximately funds. . . with out breaking up

This necessary and hilarious instruction manual has the solutions for crafting your individual model of the glamorous existence with no breaking the financial institution. Dina stocks suggestion on each web page whereas holding issues clean, mild, and enjoyable. Written with the knowledge afforded via hindsight, Brokenomics will entice contemporary university grads, newly devoted undefined, and people dealing with profession crises alike.

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Julius Caesar would have turned over in his grave if he had seen what had become of the language he had introduced: of the six Latin cases, only three remained; neutral words had become masculine; and various tenses had changed beyond recognition. In addition to the dozens of Celtic words that had crept in earlier (charrue, ‘plough’; mouton, ‘sheep’), many hundreds of Frankish words now came flooding in (auberge, ‘inn’; blanc, ‘white’; choisir, ‘choose’). When an entire people speak a different language from their rulers, eventually one side has to yield.

And not only those of us who speak English, of course. Those who speak Dutch, too – which is practically the same thing. And German, which is not so different either. And Spanish and Polish and Greek, because if you look closely enough you’ll see that even they look a bit like English. Further afield there are other languages, like Armenian and Kurdish and Nepalese, where you have to look quite a bit harder still to see the family resemblance. But each and every one of them emerged from a language that was spoken by a people whose name we don’t know, perhaps sixty centuries ago.

The rise of what we now call the Romance languages began some time later. Kings such as Denis of Portugal and Alfonso X of Spain, literary greats such as Dante and institutions like the Académie Française helped to glue the shards of local dialects into languages that were used over larger areas, mostly in writing at first. The Big Five were the most successful: they became the official languages of nation states, and even – in the case of Spanish, Portuguese and French – of new empires. But other groups of Roman dialects also worked their way to full-blown language status.

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