By Paul Williams

From a box essentially of curiosity to professional orientalists, the research of Buddhism has built to embody inter alia, theology and non secular reports, philosophy, cultural stories, anthropology and comparative reviews. there's now better direct entry to Buddhism within the West than ever ahead of, and Buddhist experiences are attracting expanding numbers of students.

This eight-volume set brings jointly seminal papers in Buddhist stories from an enormous variety of educational disciplines, released during the last 40 years. With a brand new creation by means of the editor, this assortment is a distinct and unrivalled examine source for either scholar and scholar.

97 Did 1-ching visit India? difficulties in utilizing 1-ching as a
source on South Asian Buddhism
98 Stiipa, siitra and sarira in China, c.656-706 CE
99 The lifetime of Shinran Shonin: the adventure to self-acceptance
100 Cliches canoniques bouddhiques dans les legendes sur les
debuts du bouddhisme au Japon
101 Interpretations of human-flesh supplying: misdeed or
supreme sacrifice
102 Flying mountains and walkers of vacancy: towards a
definition of sacred house in eastern religions
103 where of the unexpected educating in the Hua-yen
tradition: an research of the method of doctrinal switch 161
104 at the notion of the hijiri (holy man)
105 Buddhist self-immolation in medieval China
106 the advance of the kenmitsu procedure as Japan's
medieval orthodoxy
107 The dragon lady and the abbess of Mo-shan: gender and
status within the Ch'an Buddhist tradition
108 old and historiographical concerns within the examine of
pre-modern eastern religions
109 The idolization of enlightenment: at the mummification of
Ch'an masters in medieval China
110 Buddhist impact on early Taoism: a survey of scriptural
evidence 367

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Desk of Contents
Editor's Introduction
1. The BuddhaÕs traditional and supreme Tooth
Ð John Buescher
2. Ask a Farmer: final research and Conventional
Existence in Tsong kha pa's Lam rim chen mo
Ð man Newland
3. portray the objective: at the id of the
Object of Negation (dgag bya) Ð Donald S. Lopez, Jr.
4. slicing the Roots of advantage: Tsong kha pa on the
Results of Anger Ð Daniel Cozort
5. Ethics because the foundation of a Tantric culture: Tsong kha pa
and the Founding of the dGe lugs Order in Tibet
Ð Elizabeth Napper
6. Bon rDzogs chen on Authenticity (pramÝna, tshad ma):
Prose and Poetry at the course Ð Anne Carolyn Klein
7. The dGe ldanÐbKaÕ brgyud culture of MahÝmudrÝ:
How a lot dGe ldan? How a lot bKaÕ brgyud?
Ð Roger R. Jackson
8. Demons at the mom: Objections to the Perfect
Wisdom Sñtras in Tibet Ð Gareth Sparham
9. Gung thang and Sa bzang Ma ti Paû chen on the
Meaning of ÒFoundational ConsciousnessÓ
(Ýlaya, kun gzhi) Ð Joe Bransford Wilson
10. Authorship and Literary creation in
Classical Buddhist Tibet Ð JosŽ Ignacio Cabez—n
11. Altruism and Adversity: views from Psychoanalytic
Object kin thought Ð Harvey B. Aronson
12. Drawing the metal Bow: A Bibliographic Appreciation
of the Literary Legacy of Paul Jeffrey Hopkins
and His application on the collage of Virginia
Ð Paul G. Hackett
Contributors 327

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For her propagandists state, in their commentary on the Great Cloud Siitra, a text only rediscovered in this century, that she had already acquired through an auspicious discovery in her capital more than ten thousand relics. To judge by sources located by Forte in his translation of this work, this had taken place in 677, though their ideological use seems to have been delayed until after her husband's death, till 684, when the omen was associated with the renaming ofLuoyang as a 'holy capital' (shendu) and other reforms in adminstrative nomenclature 82 .

This man's reward was to see his own daughter received into the imperial harem, the very same daring young woman who was to become the Empress Wu-and, ironically, to break the power of the narrow elite that had dominated China through several changes of regime. The members of that elite, of course, hated her and resented her power, so that had she not demonstrated an unrivalled efficiency in using it to the good of the dynasty she would soon have perished at the hands of her enemies. The main task that confronted the dynasty, now in its third reign, was the perpetuation of power won by force of arms, and it was for this reason therefore, as much as because of the unimpressive physical state of her husband already alluded to, that questions of ideology and the more abstract justification of power loomed large.

In general, it was 36 STOPA, SOTRA AND SARlRA IN CHINA only over a decade after the death of the empress that the first Tantric texts started to be translated which produced the East Asian Tantric system known today, for example in Japanese Shingon. Even so at this point, when the goals of Tantric practice were still much more open, one specific benefit seems to be mentioned more frequently than any other, and this, as Osabe's survey makes clear, was long life 132 • This may not necessarily relate to the 'Taoist' elements he describes, or even to a Serindian input into the texts, since it is possible to find dhiirmfi designed to confer long life in non-Chinese materials also 133 • Now that we have read the dragon's message, we can be sure that the empress paid close attention to all such materials.

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