By Jose Feola (auth.), Jacek G. Wierzbicki (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9401064334

ISBN-13: 9789401064330

ISBN-10: 9401157669

ISBN-13: 9789401157667

Californium-252 is a neutron emitter with a excessive particular task, making it necessary in various purposes, the main fantastic of that is in brachytherapy for melanoma sufferers. Radiation oncology has exhausted approximately each choice for treating radioresistant tumors via photon brachytherapy, and hence new forms of radiation must be studied to enhance the curability of melanoma.
Audience: Californium brachytherapy is utilized in just a couple of radiation treatment facilities on the planet, so the ebook can be hugely instructive for radiation oncologists, clinical physicists and radiobiologists. The nuclear suggestions utilized in medical purposes can also curiosity nuclear physicists and engineers.

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252Cf INTERSTITAL IMPLANT SYSTEM (Compatible with 16 go. surgical needle) 25Ze! 054 Inch) • Olame'ral clearance 01 seed assembly. 010 Inch I Figure 7. Seed assembly for interstitial implants [17]. 22 other heat-shrinkable plastics. The assembly was placed into an oven to shrink the tube over the seeds and spacers, firmly locking them in position. Tefzel plugs were inserted into both ends of the assembly and melt sealed in position by butt welding [17]. The 252Cf content of each seed was required to be ±5% of the average within the assembly.

C) The general model name for the seed is ALC-PXC, with X the active wire length in mm. Although X could vary from I to 10, the ALC-P4C was the standard seed source [18]. 5 mm [19]. The wire was reduced to its fmal size by a series of pointing and drawing operations; that is, the swager was used to "point" the composite wire so that it could be inserted into the draw die and secured in a gripper while the die was pulled over the wire. This process was repeated with draw dies of smaller and smaller diameter.

Primary photon dose is due to the photons emitted by source, either from the spontaneous fission or by decay byproducts. Close to the source, this component will be about twice as small as the neutron component, but due to the increased penetrating ability of these photons through tissue, its proportional contribution will increase at increasing distances. Secondary photon dose is an effect of the radiative capture of slow neutrons by hydrogen. Contribution of this component depends on the fluence of slow (thermalized) neutrons at the point of interest.

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