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An initial that is part of a person’s name (Alice B. Toklas C. C. Rider) DO NOT USE A PERIOD AFTER: • abbreviations of the units of time (12 hrs, 42 min) • most units of measurement (3 ft = 1 yd 12 in. = 1 f t ) • the zip code abbreviations of states’ names (San Francisco, CA ) A Write C if the sentence is punctuated correctly. If it is not punctuated correctly, rewrite it. 1. Mr Jerome B. Hollander ________________________________________________________ 2. 740 Oakland Ave, Oakland, Calif. 94610 ________________________________________________________ 3.

1. Stanley planted pumpkin seeds on sunday. ____________________________________________________________________ 2. It was a beautiful morning in april. ____________________________________________________________________ 48 CapPund 026-051 48 3/1/07, 7:47 PM 19 3. Stanley always plants vegetables in the Spring. ____________________________________________________________________ 4. By the first of may, the seeds will sprout. ____________________________________________________________________ 5.

Look over there. What a colorful pair of birds? ____________________________________________________________________ 3. Quick. Hand me the camera right now. ____________________________________________________________________ 4. What a great photograph this will make? ____________________________________________________________________ 5. Oh, no. You opened the back of the camera? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ 6. You’ve ruined all my beautiful pictures.

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