By A. Watanabe

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This booklet is an greatly revised model of the middle a part of my 1993 MIT doctoral dissertation, which seeks to supply a Minimalist idea of Case absorption and aid it via empirical research. The relevant inspiration pursued is that impoverishment of word constitution is accountable for Case absorption and that the fitting conception of Case checking should still derive this estate. even if the elemental line of analysis on Case absorption and wh-agreement continues to be an analogous, this ebook encompasses a lot of latest effects. A principied thought of Case checking and Case absorption has been labored out in bankruptcy 1. remedy of participial structures in bankruptcy three and wh­ contract in bankruptcy four is way extra systematic and complete. bankruptcy 2 is additionally streamlined, including refinements of the research of Romanian. The product, i am hoping, is a extra convincing def ense of the energy of the Mi ni mal ist strategy. i want to thank my thesis committee individuals Ken Haie, Noam Chomsky, and Howard Lasnik, below whose suggestions this venture started.

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1. StatementoJthe Problem A first motivation for our modification of Case theory comes from an attempt to derive the distribution of PRO. 2a). 1) cf. a. 2) b. *John tried [Mary to win the race] a. *John believed [PRO to have won the race] cf. b. 3) the PRO theorem PRO must be ungovemed. Translating into recent X-bar theoretic notions (cf. 4) a. 5) b. *John tried [cp e [}p Mary to win the race]] a. *John believed hp PRO to have won the race] b. 5), the matrix verb govems the subject of the embedded clause, ruling out the option of PRO.

This demonstration, which is made possible by the current set of assumptions, requires a background discussion, to which we first turn. 1.. SpecofTP Jonas and Bobaljik (1993) argue that Spec of TP is universally unavailableatLF,40 on the basis of lcelandic data. A very significant consequence of this hypothesis is that the subject of a transitive predicate has to reach at least Spec of TP before the SpeIl-Out point. The force that drives this movement is the Economy principle having to do with Relativized Minimality.

7 They call it NULL CASE and propose that infinitival Tns bears the Null Case feature. 12), namely, violation of the last resort nature of A-movement At the same time, if PRO carries Null Case and if infinitival Tns checks Null Case, we can partially explain the fact that PRO appears as the subject of infinitival clauses. 2), repeated below. 1) a. 2) a. 1a). 2a), however. 2a), too, but it is not. Why? 2. The Answer We have seen above that the LOB account of PRO in terms of the PRO theorem in combination with the CP/IP distinction has three problems: govemment by Co, use of the notion govemment itself, and the inability of PRO to move from a govemed position which is also Case-marked.

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