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In this book I abandon the idea that affixes can be neatly divided into two distinct classes, and demonstrate that the variable parsability of affixes can be linked to the variable decomposition of individual words. This affords us enormous explanatory power in arenas which have proven classically problematic in linguistic morphology—such as restrictions on affix ordering. While early accounts of affix ordering were overly restrictive, recent work which has discarded the idea that there are any restrictions on ordering (beyond selectional restrictions) misses a number of important generalizations about stacking restrictions in English.

Similarly, sea is easier to spot in seashub than seash. We predict that this will have implications for the processing of affixes which themselves cannot be words. For example Bauer (1988) points to abstract noun forming th as a textbook case of a non-productive affix. Example nouns with this affix include warmth, growth and truth. The affix -th is not itself a syllable, and is shorter than the minimal possible word in English. Thus, the processor is unlikely to posit a boundary before -th in truth, and so the direct route is likely to be advantaged.

Spencer 1991). The specific organization of a given language, that is, the factors which facilitate speech segmentation, and the degree to which these are present in morphologically complex words, will affect the manner in which the effects described here will play out in that language. While the range of results presented here certainly predict that there will be an interaction between speech perception and morphological structure crosslinguistically, detailed cross-linguistic analysis remains for future research.

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