By Roberto Cabrera

ISBN-10: 0870054317

ISBN-13: 9780870054310

This e-book is a worthwhile source for a person eager to find out about tailoring a men's go well with jacket & pants. It offers targeted directions on each step of the method, from deciding on the threads, fabrics, and materials, to laying out styles, to stitching within the canvas, and so on. It additionally offers very important directions on editing shop got jacket styles to slot various physique varieties (e.g. sloped / extensive shoulders, vast /thin physique, erect posture, bow legs etc.).

This e-book thoroughly removes the necessity for the directions which include the trend. And it additionally offers directions on easy methods to alter the development sort (e.g. altering vents, covered or unlined jackets, altering pants pocket types etc.). because the booklet states: "all you'll use from a trend envelope are the elemental trend items: the jacket entrance, facet panel and again, the sleeve and the undercollar. it is possible for you to to create the remainder of the jacket in your own."

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