By Peter C. Collins

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Systematic research of the discourse-functions of clefts and pseudo-clefts, supplying details at the frequency of those buildings in several genres, and combating the `tidying-up' present in examples devised via the linguist.

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What is happening along this scale is that language is getting further and further removed from what it is actually talking about, not simply in terms of temporal distance (distance from the scene of the crime as it were), but eventually in terms of abstraction as well. Martin outlines this action/reflection scale as shown below. Broadly speaking, variations in mode reflect variations in the context dependency of texts. Whereas speakers engaged in mutual activity and dialogue will encode many implicit meanings, most written texts are removed from the events described, making it necessary for meanings to be made explicit.

3 below). This limitation must be borne in mind when, in the present study (especially in Chapter 7), broad comparisons of speech and writing are made. 3 REGISTER CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DATABASE The text categories of LL and LOB embrace a wide variety of configurations of the register dimensions of field, tenor, and mode. Let us consider each of these in turn. 3 The basic composition of the Lancaster-Oslo/Bergen and Brown corpora single items is sufficient to enable an addressee familiar with the field to recognize it).

There are no tokens with where in the corpus. 2 Types of relative item clefts in LL+LOB (29) below, requires thatthe highlighted element be characterized as optional. That these examples are in fact clefts rather than structures deriving from extraposition of the nominal clause requires some justification. Unfortunately, convincing evidence is difficult to find. ’, *‘That we’d have been able to help her to see may well have been’). Of course not every such example does have a non-cleft counterpart.

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Cleft and Pseudo-Cleft Constructions in English (Theoretical Linguistics) by Peter C. Collins

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