By Katharine M. Edwards

ISBN-10: 0876610610

ISBN-13: 9780876610619

Rather than discussing the historic, political, or financial deductions that may be drawn from cash, this document easily offers an illustrated catalogue of all cash stumbled on in the course of excavations in Corinth from 1896 to 1929. the diversity of alternative sessions released is superb, from Corinthian mints of the Greek interval to Frankish cash imported through later invaders. Examples of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Frankish, and Venetian cash are provided. The Turkish conquest is taken because the finish of the interval represented.

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Imhoof-Blumer (M. ), p. 139, no. 30. 1 GREEK COINS 44 No. Metal. Size. Weight. in No. J 22,23 Augustus NIKOnOAl (Obscure). (a) . BACT OK ... , winged, (b) . Actia seated 1. on throne, wearing wearing turreted crown. , torch. C. ), p. 102, nos. 1-4. , turreted, holding wreath and palm. Cf. C. ), p. 106, no. 31. , cornucopiae in front. , laureate. IEPAC... K... , turreted, holding wreath and palm. C. *257 JE *258 . , laureate, O on either side of bucranium; trident over shoulder. above, IVP; all in laurel-wreath.

Laureate. ) Circular temple of Melicertes with dome-shaped roof and three columns on each side; stands on basement with central arched doorway; before temple, bull standing r. under a pine-tree. C. P. p. 11, no. 1. , and behind him, priest raising r. hand. Cf. P. p. 11, 1, pl. B xim (Caracalla). CLI COR At 1. , r. arm extended. For similar shrine with palm-tree cf. ImhoofBlumer, Choix P1. II, no. 51 (Corinth). 1 CLI COR Poseidon seated 1. on throne, holding dolphin and trident; before him, low altar.

Svoronos, pl. 99, no. 19 (same die); cf. C. 810-812 (with wreath). C. M. , laureate. C. (Attica), p. 119, no. 5988. 1 This coin was foundin the Potters'Quarterand the obversehas two countermarks, both of amphorae,but slightly different. GREEK COINS 50 No. Metal. Size. eight. Weight. , tripod; beneath, dolphin 1. ; on it, tripod. 300 ^ 14 ME[TA]Prow 1. Tripod between two dolphins upwards. C. p. 120, nos. 30-34. 13 MEr. Prow 1. Sacred column, bound with fillet, between two dolphins upwards. C. p.

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