By John Styers

ISBN-10: 087364025X

ISBN-13: 9780873640251

Paladin has got specific reprint rights to this vintage (originally released through Leatherneck magazine), which was once the Marine bible of unarmed strive against. Emphasizing the perform element of bayonet, knife and stick scuffling with, this infrequent quantity additionally offers brief classes in unarmed wrestle and knife throwing. for tutorial examine basically.

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Please register to remove this message. 3/6/2008 COLD STEEL Page 43 of 136 The horizontal thrusting cut. A full thrust is directed to right side of your target. com). Please register to remove this message. 3/6/2008 COLD STEEL Page 44 of 136 The blade will whip across its target automatically when the arm is fully extended. com). Please register to remove this message. 3/6/2008 COLD STEEL Page 45 of 136 The finish of your horizontal thrusting cut. The blade whips back across target, achieving two cuts with only one thrust The Hand Cut The HAND CUT can be an exquisitely executed attack.

3/6/2008 COLD STEEL Page 59 of 136 Unarmed Combat When Americans settle disputes with their fists - even in barroom brawls - they fight with an admirable, inherent fairness. The tricks of unfair fighting are not in the average American's repertoire; even if he knows them, he will think twice before using them. On the field of battle there is no time to think twice. Remember that in combat you are playing for keeps; he who ponders about tactics may not be around to enjoy the next rotation. Obviously, the man fighting for his life will use every means - fair and unfair-to save it, but the American must be taught "unfair" fighting.

Blade drives into target. Free arm snaps back 2. Draw the arm which holds the knife BACK, CLOSE TO THE BODY and, at the same time, square your shoulders to your opponent. In sabre fighting the arm can be safely extended because the weapon is long and the handle is equipped with a hand guard. In knife fighting you have a lightning-fast blade but there is little protection for the hand. 3. The LEFT ARM swings FREE of the body. Your body should be relaxed WITH THE EXCEPTION of the LOCKED WRIST and the THIGHS which are taut because of the bent knees.

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