By Robert Brechner

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With a special step by step method and real-life business-based examples all through, modern arithmetic FOR company AND shoppers, 5th variation, is designed to assist scholars triumph over math nervousness and expectantly grasp key mathematical recommendations and their useful enterprise functions. The textual content is designed to allow scholars growth one subject at a time, with out being intimidated or crushed. each one bankruptcy gains various routines, together with Excel spreadsheet difficulties, real-life company situations, and unique calculator sequences, to supply quick perform to enhance studying and hone crucial abilities. The MathCue CD-ROM, integrated with each one new textual content, is different tutorial-practice software program that provides scholars an additional aspect by means of delivering an never-ending offer of perform difficulties keyed to every functionality aim within the textual content.

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___ 21. ____ 12 48 920 35 27 22. ___ 36 26. 8 ___ 23 9 ___ 14 23. ____ 112 24. 78 27. ___ 96 30 28. ____ 150 95 25. ____ 325 42 85 29. ____ 306 Raise the following fractions to higher terms, as indicated. 3 to forty-eighths 7 to eightieths 2 to twenty-sevenths 31. __ 30. __ 32. __ 3 4 8 11 to sixty-fourths 33. ___ 16 3 ϭ ___ 36. __ 5 25 37. 1 to hundredths 34. __ 5 5 ϭ ___ __ 8 64 38. 35. 5 ϭ ____ __ 6 360 3 to ninety-eighths __ 7 9 ϭ ____ 39. ___ 13 182 Section II Addition and Subtraction of Fractions 40.

D. If $6,000 in sales was expected, what reduced fraction represents the sales actually attained? ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION OF FRACTIONS Adding and subtracting fractions occurs frequently in business. Quite often, we must combine or subtract quantities expressed as fractions. To add or subtract fractions, the denominators must be the same. If they are not, we must find a common multiple, or common denominator, of all the denominators in the problem. The most efficient common denominator to use is the least common denominator, or LCD.

1. Round as indicated. Rounding Whole Numbers to a Specified Place Value P/O 1-2, p. 4 Determine the place to which the number is to be rounded. 2a. If the digit to the right of the one being rounded is 5 or more, increase the digit in the place being rounded by 1. 2b. If the digit to the right of the one being rounded is 4 or less, do not change the digit in the place being rounded. 3. Change all digits to the right of the place being rounded to zeros. ” 1,449 to tens ϭ 1,450 255 to hundreds ϭ 300 345,391 to thousands ϭ 345,000 68,658,200 to millions ϭ 69,000,000 768,892 all the way ϭ 800,000 Section II: Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers Topic Important Concepts Illustrative Examples Adding Whole Numbers and Verifying Your Answers P/O 1-3, p.

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