By Stephan Ruscheweyh

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This booklet is an creation to the idea of whole and meromorphic services meant for complicated graduate scholars in arithmetic and for pro mathematicians. The booklet presents a transparent therapy of the Nevanlinna conception of price distribution of meromorphic capabilities, and presentation of the Rubel-Taylor Fourier sequence procedure for meromorphic features and the Miles theorem on effective quotient illustration. It has a concise yet entire remedy of the Polya thought of the Borel remodel and the conjugate indicator diagram. It comprises a few of Buck's effects on integer-valued whole features, and closes with the Malliavin-Rubel specialty theorem. The strategy will get to the center of the problem with no over the top scholarly detours. It prepares the reader for additional research of the great literature at the topic, that's one of many cornerstones of advanced research

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An amenable group is ‘small’. • If G is amenable then any quotient H = G/N is amenable. ) • If H ⊂ G and G is amenable, then so is H. ) • If 0 → A → B → C → 0 and A and C are amenable, then so is B. ) • G is amenable iff every finitely generated subgroup of G is amenable. (For a finitely generated subgroup H, we get an H-invariant mean on G with the aid of a transversal. ) 52 • Abelian groups are amenable (since finitely generated ones are). Solvable groups are amenable. 4. The free group G = a, b is not amenable.

Orbit counting in dimension one. Theorem. For any n = 0, N (R) = |{(x, t) ∈ Z2 : q(x, t) = n}| ∼ C log R for some C > 0. Proof. The group Γ = SO(q, R) acts discretely, by orientation-preserving isometries on H1 , so its action is cyclic and X = H1 /Γ is a compact manifold (a circle). The integral solutions to q(x, t) = 1 descend to a discrete, hence finite subset of X. Thus the number of solutions N (R) meeting the Euclidean ball B(R) of radius R grows like vol(B(R) ∩ H1 for the invariant volume form.

For completeness we also record: Theorem. Any A-invariant vector is also SLn R-invariant. Proof. As above, ξ is invariant under each Gi by the A-trick for SL2 R, and these generate. 12. Theorem: any unitary representation of SLn R without invariant vectors is mixing. Proof. Decompose the representation relative to P , obtaining a spectral measure µ on P ∼ = Rn−1 . Since there are no invariant vectors, we have µ(0) = 0. For any measurable set E ⊂ Rn−1 we have as before a(HE ) = HaE , where a ∈ A acts multiplicatively on P .

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