By Meg Tyler Mitchell Ph.D., Scott Pentzer Ph.D.

ISBN-10: 1851099921

ISBN-13: 9781851099924

Costa Rica: a world stories instruction manual deals readers an authoritative travel of a outstanding kingdom, tracing its historic improvement from pre-Colombian population and Spanish colonization via emerging prosperity within the mid-19th century to present struggles to outline itself economically and politically.

Costa Rica combines narrative chapters at the nation's heritage and the present kingdom of its political, social, and cultural associations with alphabetically equipped entries protecting vital humans, locations, and occasions in its improvement. all through, the authors, drawing on wide learn and their very own studies, spotlight the various methods Costa Rica isn't like its friends, in addition to the demanding situations the rustic faces within the twenty first century's globalized world.

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Was easily carried from place to place and affected areas like Costa Rica even before they were effectively settled by Europeans. The Indian population of Costa Rica continuously declined throughout the colonial period. Of the estimated 400,000 people when Columbus arrived in 1502, by 1569 perhaps only 120,000 remained. By 1611, only an estimated 10,000 were left (Molina and Palmer 2006, 19). In 1700, the official Spanish count was only 1,300 Indians living in 14 villages (Pinto Soria 1994, 14).

Com ABC-CLIO 1-800-368-6868 41 Geography and History Yet the principal cafetaleros, or coffee growers, were able to plausibly argue for nearly a century that what was good for coffee was good for everyone. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE CENTRAL VALLEY: COFFEE AND RAILROADS In early 19th-century Costa Rica, very few people could be called economic or political conservatives: at the time of independence, there was hardly anything to conserve (Picado 1989, 53). The colonial period had been all about not changing, whereas the 19th and early 20th centuries were all about change.

To the south, the land is very low lying and apt to flood. Inland from the northern Caribbean coast to the Cordilleras and from the western edge of the Cordilleras to the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific are the llanuras, or plains of the north. In the west, the plains have been cleared for livestock since the colonial period, and in the east, the plains are much wider and were only cleared in the 20th century. Because of its tropical location, Costa Rica experiences little seasonal variation in temperatures.

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