By Donald Moffitt

ISBN-10: 0345344774

ISBN-13: 9780345344779

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Deserted on a medieval-technology planet, Jake Borenski desires not anything greater than to come to 'civilization. ' yet as he learns concerning the planet, he realizes a complete civilization could vanish until he does anything approximately it.

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They got here by means of river and through wagon teach, braving the unending distances of the nice Plains and the icy passes of the Sierra Nevada. They have been males like Linus Rawlings, a stressed survivor of Indian state who’d headed east to determine the sea yet left his heart—and his home—in the West. They have been ladies like Lilith Prescott, a sensible, lively attractiveness who fled her kinfolk and fell for a playing guy in the course of a frontier gold growth.

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We wanted to have a closer look at you, see how you handled yourself in an important situation. And I must say that you acquitted yourself well—in the face of the unexpected. " Rubinstein dabbed at his mouth with a silk napkin. "Yes, we always have use for a young man of talent and discretion. " He struck his thin chest and laughed. " Hamid-Jones laughed self-consciously along with the Vizier, hoping he was not showing too much familiarity. Rubinstein was living proof that a loyal and energetic non-Moslem could get ahead in an Islamic empire.

The next day, Feisel and Ja'far failed to show up for work. Word went quickly round that they'd been arrested during the night. Hamid-Jones had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stom-ach. The Clonemaster's house must have been watched after all. He spent the morning doing his pointless work on the Winged One's genome automatically. He found, when he left his cubicle, that he was in a sort of quarantine. Nobody spoke willingly to him. When he needed anything from another department, he was given it quickly and gotten rid of.

They'd been more thorough with the hard copy. Open books lay about where they'd been riffled through and discarded, print-outs were dumped on the floor, and every piece of unfiled paper-mail had been removed from its envelope, unfolded, and left in an untidy pile. The little locked drawer had been broken open and its con-tents scattered. Praise Allah that there'd been nothing in it but paper clips, stamps, spare stylus batteries, and some old good-luck beads he'd had since boyhood. He sat down and thanked his stars for the good fortune that had made him keep Lalla's note and her holo portrait on his person all day.

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Crescent in the Sky (Book One of the Mechanical Sky) by Donald Moffitt

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