By Blake Crouch

ISBN-10: 1101904232

ISBN-13: 9781101904237

A mindbending, relentlessly incredible mystery from the writer of the bestselling Wayward Pines trilogy-"Are you content together with your life?" these are the final phrases Jason Dessen hears earlier than the masked abductor knocks him subconscious. prior to he awakens to discover himself strapped to a gurney, surrounded by means of strangers in hazmat fits. ahead of a guy Jason's by no means met smiles down at him and says, "Welcome again, my friend." during this global he is woken as much as, Jason's existence isn't the one he is aware. His spouse isn't his spouse. His son used to be by no means born. And Jason isn't really a normal collage physics professor, yet a celebrated genius who has accomplished anything extraordinary. whatever very unlikely. Is it this global or the opposite that is the dream? or even if the house he recalls is actual, how can Jason in all probability make it again to the relations he loves? The solutions lie in a trip extra wondrous and frightening than something he could've imagined-one that may strength him to confront the darkest elements of himself while he battles a terrifying, probably unbeatable foe. darkish topic is a brilliantly plotted story that's instantly sweeping and intimate, mind-bendingly unusual and profoundly human-a relentlessly miraculous science-fiction mystery approximately offerings, paths no longer taken, and the way some distance we are going to visit declare the lives we dream of. From the Hardcover version.

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Pipes. Levers and pulleys. Instrumentation panels covered with cracked gauges and controls. Technology from another age. ” He waves my question away. A weird calm settles over me. A misplaced sense of peace. ” I ask. ” I feel so comfortable leaning against the old machine, like I’m sinking into it. ” But he just shakes his head as he snakes his left hand up under the geisha mask and scratches. I feel strange. Like I’m simultaneously watching a movie and acting in it. An irresistible drowsiness lowers onto my shoulders.

You’re going to be scared, but you can make it yours. You can have everything you never had. I’m sorry I had to scare you earlier, but I had to get you here. I’m so sorry, Jason. ” I mouth the words, Who are you? Instead of responding, he reaches into his pocket and takes out a new syringe and a tiny glass ampoule filled with a clear liquid that in the moonlight shines like mercury. He uncaps the needle and draws the contents of the vial up into the syringe. As my eyelids slowly lower, I watch him slide the sleeve up his left arm and inject himself.

A fine, supercooled mist sprays out of the ceiling, coating me head to toe. My body tenses, the frigid droplets beading on my skin and freezing solid. As I shiver, the walls of the chamber begin to hum. A white vapor trickles out of the apertures with a sustained hiss that grows louder and louder. It gushes. Then jets. Opposing streams crash into each other over the gurney, filling the chamber with a dense fog that blots out the overhead light. Where it touches my skin, the frozen droplets explode in bursts of agony.

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Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

by Edward

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