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Graphical model editors are responsible for almost all the interaction of end users who create models out of model components from model libraries. Therefore a careful selection of the debugging information needs to be made and presentation of the error fixing solutions, if possible, at the graphical level. Error fixing solutions that involve adding or removing components or manipulation of object connectors can easily be moved to this level of abstraction. The end user who limits his/her interaction with the simulation environment to the graphical model editor should not be exposed to the underlying code.

Resistor1 Step1 Feedback1 - Inductor1 PI1 PI SignalVoltage1 SpeedSensor1 EMF1 Inertia1 IdealGear1 Ground1 Inertia2 Spring1 Inertia3 w Figure 3-4. Simulation example involving control, electrical and rotational mechanics components. The corresponding Modelica code is given below. inPort2); end Model1; The flattened system of equations contains 78 differential algebraic equations and 78 variables. 37 Chapter 4 Graph Theoretical Preliminaries and System Decomposition Summary: This chapter provides a preliminary introduction to the graph theoretical concepts and related algorithms used by the debugging framework.

41 It should be noted that a maximum matching or a perfect matching of a given bipartite graph are not unique. In Figure 4-4 all the possible perfect matchings of a simple bipartite graph are presented. eq1 var1 eq1 var1 eq1 var1 eq2 var2 eq2 var2 eq2 var2 eq3 var3 eq3 var3 eq3 var3 Figure 4-4. An example of a simple bipartite graph with all possible perfect matchings marked by thick lines. The developed matching algorithms are based on finding alternating paths in the associated graph. A new matching associated with a bipartite graph can be obtained by exchanging matching edges with non-matching edges along an alternating cycle or along a feasible path.

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