By Graham Masterton

ISBN-10: 1428509607

ISBN-13: 9781428509603

ISBN-10: 1428511288

ISBN-13: 9781428511286

Ever because he used to be a baby, James Falcon had heard folktales of the strigoi, the bloodthirsty vampires who stalked the woodland of Wallachia. As a tender guy he was once recruited by means of US counterintelligence to trace down strigoi Nazis in war-torn Europe. even though the worst of the, the notorious Dorin Duca, constantly eluded him. Now, greater than a decade later, the strigoi—and Dorin Duca—are ravaging London and James is again at the hunt. it is just a question of time sooner than the previous enemies meet face-to-face, simply because vampires are immortal...and so is their thirst for vengeance.

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I don’t think all three of them went up the wall. Maybe only one of them. ” Corporal Little took hold of Frank’s collar and tugged him away from the bank. “Hear that, boy? More Screechers! ” In the Elephant House Frank was much less certain about this secondary trail, and he kept stopping and snorting and going back on himself. Now and then he got distracted and started to investigate a lamppost, and Corporal Little had to drag him away. I kept the compass in my hand, and even though the needle was just as hesitant as Frank, and kept swinging from side to side, there was no question that it was pointing in the general direction of Centraal Station, and the Antwerpse Zoo.

We heard him bark again, and this time his bark echoed, like somebody shouting in a swimming pool. “He’s in there,” said Corporal Little, shining his flashlight on the elephant house. There were no elephants in there, of course. When the Germans had first entered Antwerp, the zoo staff had shot all of the animals—elephants, tigers, gorillas, giraffes—in case they broke out of their cages and escaped. Apart from that, there was little enough food for the human population, let alone animals. We entered the elephant house cautiously, with our weapons raised.

I don’t want to think about it. ” We jolted our way back to Ann De Wouters’s apartment building. Somebody had taken the dead horse away. We were flagged down three times on the way by Canadian troops who wanted to check our papers, so it took us almost twenty minutes before we arrived there. ” they asked, half respectfully and half disdainfully. Some of them were so young that their cheeks were still pink. We were admitted to No. 5 by an old man in a saggy beige cardigan with a face the color of liver sausage.

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