By Solomon Lefschetz

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M}) is a vector space for some m C ~W, it is also of interest to specify the least such value of m. z),E l , . , Jq) is a vector space, it may be referred to as a generalized multiplication space. M*(LP(A, #), F 1 , . . 4. Corresponding to the multiplication set concept there is the corresponding concept of a difference set. Let G be a locally compact Hausdorff abelian group with an identity element e. Let 1 < p < o0, let q E ~Lr and let J 1 , J 2 , . . , Jq be pairwise disjoint, subintervals of lV.

Let D be an infinite set. r: is infinite. - 26 - P R O O E If Y1, Y2 C D, write Y1 "~ Y2 if Y1/\Y2 is finite. Then ,-~ is an equivalence relation on P(D). If y E P(D), let [Y] be the corresponding equivalence class, and l e t i , = {[Y] : Y E P ( D ) } . For each 3' E I , l e t D r E P(D) be such that 3' = [ D @ Define a : I, x F(D) x F(D) ~ P(D) by a(3",F1,F2) = (D r U F1) (1F~. 26]. 20] that card(i,) = 2 card(D). If 3'1, 3'2 E I, with "h ~ 3`2, then D~, is not equivalent to Dry, so D . n A D r 2 is infinite.

Finally, if f is a function with domain A, codomain B and range C, flA will denote the function fl A : A , ) C given by (fIA)(x) = f(x). Thus, f I A is a surjection. 1 LEMMA. Let T and U be two locaJ1y compact Hausdorff spaces, let # be U be a continuous a non-negative regular Borel measure on T and let r : T ~ function. Let A = p o r Then the following hdd. gor E LI(T,p). (a) If g: U ~ C is Borel measurable, then g E LI(U,)~) r (b) support(A) = r support(p) ). PROOF. The definition of ,k gives fu [gldA = fT Igl o Cdp = fT Ig o r so g E LI(U, ,k) e==~ g o r E LI(T, p).

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