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Cartan geometries have been the 1st examples of connections on a critical package. they appear to be nearly unknown nowadays, inspite of the nice attractiveness and conceptual strength they confer on geometry. the purpose of the current publication is to fill the distance within the literature on differential geometry by means of the lacking thought of Cartan connections. even supposing the writer had in brain a ebook obtainable to graduate scholars, capability readers may additionally comprise operating differential geometers who want to recognize extra approximately what Cartan did, which used to be to offer a suggestion of "espaces g?n?ralis?s" (= Cartan geometries) generalizing homogeneous areas (= Klein geometries) within the similar approach that Riemannian geometry generalizes Euclidean geometry. furthermore, physicists can be to work out the totally pleasurable method within which their gauge conception should be really considered as geometry.

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59) for any λ1 , λ2 ∈ M1 (C) and any B ∈ M2n−2 (C). The corresponding Bratteli diagram is shown in Fig. 11. 60) with λ1 , λ2 ∈ C and k ∈ K(H). The corresponding kernels are I1 = {0} , I2 = K(H) + CP2 , I3 = CP1 + K(H) . 61) The partial order given by the inclusions I1 ⊂ I2 and I1 ⊂ I3 (which, as shown in Sect. 57). 3 From Bratteli Diagrams to Noncommutative Lattices From the Bratteli diagram of an AF-algebra A one can also obtain the (norm closed two-sided) ideals of the latter and determine which ones are primitive.

4 Noncommutative Lattices 41 There is a very nice characterization of commutative AF-algebras and of their primitive spectra [18], Proposition 16. Let A be a commutative C ∗ -algebra with unit I. Then the following statements are equivalent. (i) The algebra A is AF. (ii) The algebra A is generated in the norm topology by a sequence of projectors {Pi }, with P0 = I. 10 Proof. The equivalence of (i) and (ii) is clear. To prove that (iii) implies (ii), let X be a second-countable, totally disconnected, compact Hausdorff space.

J k Proposition 15. Let A and B be the direct sum of two matrix algebras, A = Mp1 (C) ⊕ Mp2 (C) , B = Mq1 (C) ⊕ Mq2 (C) . 47) Then, any (unital) morphism α : A → B can be written as the direct sum of the representations αj : A → Mqj (C) B(Cqj ), j = 1, 2. If πji is the unique irreducible representation of Mpi (C) in B(Cqj ), then αj splits into a direct sum of the πji ’s with multiplicity Nji , the latter being nonnegative integers. Proof. 48) B ∈ A. Moreover, the dimensions (p1 , p2 ) and (q1 , q2 ) are related N11 p1 + N12 p2 = q1 , N21 p1 + N22 p2 = q2 .

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