By Lutz F. Tietze, Hubertus P. Bell, Gordon Brasche

ISBN-10: 3527290605

ISBN-13: 9783527290604

Domino reactions make it easier to construct complicated buildings in one-pot reactions with no the necessity to isolate intermediates—a dream comes actual. during this publication, the well-respected professional, Professor Lutz Tietze, summarizes the probabilities of this response type—an method for an efficiant, economically benificial and ecological benign synthesis.
A sure needs to for each natural chemist.

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1 Cationic/Cationic Processes AcO H H AcO O O O OAc HO 60% 1-33 1-32 O O O HO 65% AcO OAc AcO 1-35 1-34 O tBuO O O H H O O 60% O O OAc O 1-37 1-36 O O tBuO O O 75% O OAc O O O 1-38 1-39 Reaction conditions: 1 eq BF3•OEt2, CH2Cl2, –40 °C, 10–30 min, H2O quench; then Ac2O, Et2N, CH2Cl2. 10. Synthesis of oxepanes. spectively. 1. 11) [11]. 12). The conformation 1-45, which would lead to 1-46 seems to be disfavored. The tetrahydropyran moiety, another oxacycle, is also found in many biologically active natural products from marine and terrestrial origin.

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