By K. Tanaka

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5. Illustration of the first step of the algorithm. The matrix does not contain others I/O ports. 26 Embedded Systems – High Performance Systems, Applications and Projects In the second step the algorithm has appointed 0001 node moving along the 5th row of the matrix. This is shown in Figure 6. The algorithm in the next steps, alternating moving along columns and rows has appointed simple chain linking nodes: 0100 and 1011. This is shown in Figure 7. The algorithm in six steps, has appointed the single simple chain linking nodes: : 0100 and 1011 the following form: {0100, 0101, 0001, 1001, 1000, 1010, 1011}.

The tasks are assigned to individual cores by TBB’s run-time executables. The operations or tasks then execute in a sequence where synchronization bugs between the threads or tasks have been minimized or removed. OpenMP provides a framework for parallelizing serial software written in C, C++, or Fortran using roughly fifty pre-processor declarations. In this model, one core acts as the master assigning tasks/work to the other cores. Using this framework, the developer writes a control software for the master core and complementary software for the tasks that the other cores perform.

The SMP multiprocessing model permits system tracing tools to gather operating statistics for the multi-core chip as a whole, providing developers insights into optimizing and debugging applications. The tracing tools can track thread migration between cores, scheduling events, and other information useful for maximizing core utilization. An SMP approach is best for a larger number of cores and for developers who have time to adequately develop a long term solution that may eventually add more cores.

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