By Joyce Marcus

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Joyce Marcus reconstructs vintage Maya political association by utilizing facts derived from epigraphy, cost development surveys, and locational research. This learn describes the advance of a four-tiered payment hierarchy and its next cave in.

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0) at Uaxactún (Table 6). 0. 12. Naranjo mentions Tikal at least fourteen times. After the arrival ofthe Tikal woman 1Naranjo assumes a more The Usage of T-778 (Tikal's Second Emblem Glyph) There are only seven occurrences ofT-778 as an emblem glyph. Four appear at Tikal 1 two at Dos Pilas, and one at Aguateca. Berlin (1958:114) suggests that T-778 (his T-2) serves as the head variant ofT-1, the normal or symbolic variant of the emblem glyph. ". t"'~~<"7~' .. , • -, '-;' • '. ~ J :.... • .. , ' ; : ' / ..

They have more stelae and monmnents than other c1asses of cities in their region. n. Secondary Centers A. They have their own emblern glyph, but it is rarely, ifever, mentioned by the regional capital. B. The prominence of these centers may be ultimately derived from the dy­ nastic ties to the ruling family in the regional capital via royal marriage alliances. C. They mention the regional capital in their texts in conjunction with per­ sons who have migrated to the secondary site to rule andjor marry into locallineages.

THE YAXCHILÁN POLITICAL SPHERE Yaxchilán was the capital ofthe Usumacinta River region (Fig. 13). Sorne ofthe earliest monuments there, and at Altar de Sacrificios on the Pasión River, strongly resemble the contemporaneous monuments of Tikal and the Petén centers. , Palenque and Tikal. These paired emblem glyphshave Fig·4. 1 3 Map showing the Iocation ofsites that mention the Yaxchilán emblem glyph. \~~> .. ~-~-~i:, -' .. ';;0'" ~ ~ ~ a b e /\~r=:::... 14 Various Yaxchilán emblem glyphs. a. The predominant pairing of T-511 and T-562 emblem glyphs.

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