By Fernando Leal-Calderon, Véronique Schmitt, Jerôme Bibette

ISBN-10: 1441922903

ISBN-13: 9781441922908

This booklet offers an outline of the latest advances in emulsion technology, from the training to the destruction of those fabrics. This publication is meant for a wide viewers, from undergraduate scholars to senior scientists. A innovative and didactic technique is proposed for that goal. The recommendations awarded should still supply an invaluable advice for formulating and controlling the life of emulsion at laboratory and business scales. for simple comprehension, the textual content is illustrated by way of greater than 70 figures. This ebook is a brand new version of the only released within the sequence "Springer Tracts in glossy Physics (vol. 181)". the most distinction is a extra didactic technique with the intention to permit the non-specialist reader to trap the basic innovations. we will additionally include the final examine effects (solid-stabilized emulsions, metastability) and novel purposes (Biotechnology).

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Emulsion Science Basic Principles, Second Edition by Fernando Leal-Calderon, Véronique Schmitt, Jerôme Bibette

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