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Deserted on a medieval-technology planet, Jake Borenski wishes not anything greater than to come back to 'civilization. ' yet as he learns in regards to the planet, he realizes a whole civilization may well vanish except he does whatever approximately it.

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They got here via river and by way of wagon teach, braving the unending distances of the nice Plains and the icy passes of the Sierra Nevada. They have been males like Linus Rawlings, a stressed survivor of Indian state who’d headed east to work out the sea yet left his heart—and his home—in the West. They have been girls like Lilith Prescott, a sensible, lively attractiveness who fled her kin and fell for a playing guy in the course of a frontier gold growth.

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Harold nodded, as if that explained everything. “Perhaps, when we go to Bathsheeba, you will see why Otranto is losing its wars. Who knows? You might even learn something that could slow the fall of our Empire. Give us a few more years to live under our own government before we are swept into the arms of the barbarians or the idolaters. It was not, Jake thought, a happy note. Of course, he was getting off the planet as soon as he could. Why should he care? Chapter 6 The border crossing was a hut on the side of a small river.

Jake asked. "Even the poor need some luxuries in their lives. ” Lucer's face took on a pathetic look. “I'll probably go bankrupt, of course. " "Don't try to bargain too hard. We haven't said we want a factor,” Castile said. "You sell your mead to me, I sell it to others. " Jake had a sneaking suspicion that Lucer might just drink up his profits, but the idea had a distinct appeal. " "That'll hardly—" Lucer interrupted Jake before he could really get started. " Chapter 4 Jake looked behind him but the sight hadn't improved.

While Erlang might be confident about the external protection they'd arranged from the Granger, its government was less confident about its own citizens and its visitors. Three guardsmen crashed halberds on the floor. Looking at the two men, they evidently decided that Lucer was the man in charge. One of the men appeared to be their sergeant. He glared at the casks. " "We are merchants from Otranto,” Lucer explained. " "Trading in alcoholic beverages is subject to tax and license from the bureau of alcohol,” the sergeant announced.

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