By А. Г. Минченков

ISBN-10: 5949620615

ISBN-13: 9785949620618

This little ebook is superb upon the subject.

For foreign English language lovers.

Has deserved own experiment & encode.

Man it's De-Ja-Vu! get pleasure from!

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What did a refined ancient reader need, besides well-­modulated vocal cords? He (again, far less often she) required a scroll purged of errors, mastery of the language written on it, and knowledge of the historical and mythological lore to which the writer referred. Add some arguments about etymology and you have a summary of Hellenistic philology and its associated antiquarian research. Such range suggests how grammar could become the core of secondary schooling, as it did in the Roman world. Rome, not coincidentally, is where Tyrannion settled around 67 BCE.

Grammatical issues did crop up in early rhetorical teaching, and stabs at figuring out how pieces of language work go back to at least the fifth century BCE. The sophist Protagoras then stumbled toward the ideas of noun gender and verb mood. Aristotle recognized a notion of verb tense, a few parts of speech, and difference between active and passive verbs. Alexandria’s great rival as a hub of scholarship was Pergamum, in present-­day western Turkey, site of the second-­largest library in the Hellenistic world.

This alleged amorality brought down on the sophists’ heads the wrath of Plato. Paradoxically, Plato’s own Socratic dialectic gave a terrifically effective example of rhetoric, though one supposed to reach certainty rather than preference or likelihood. Plato connected dialectic (philosophic argument) to assured knowledge of truth and tied rhetoric to opinion or ‘mere’ probability. The linkages proved enduring. So did the orientation of rhetoric to civic life. Plato’s pupil Aristotle—engrossed by actual politics, unlike Plato—respected rhetoric more than his master had.

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