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This publication grew out of the paintings constructed on the collage of Warwick, below the supervision of Ian Stewart, which shaped the center of my Ph.D. Thesis. lots of the effects defined have been received in joint paintings with Ian; as ordinary below those situations, many were released in study journals over the past years. a part of bankruptcy three was once additionally joint paintings with Peter Ashwin. i want to emphasize that those have been real collaborations. We labored jointly in any respect phases; it really is meaningless to attempt to spot which inspiration originated from whom. whereas getting ready this e-book, in spite of the fact that, I felt mere description of the consequences wouldn't be becoming. to begin with, a e-book is geared toward a much broader viewers than papers in study journals. extra importantly, the paintings may still imagine as low as attainable, and it's going to be delivered to a kind that's gratifying, now not painful, to read.

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If A is a stable w-limit set containing a point of period k, then A has at most k connected components. 3. If a stable w-limit set contains a periodic point, it cannot be a Cantor set. The conclusions may be strengthened in the case of one-dimensional dynamics: let X = IR. or Sl and f : X ---7 X be continuous. Then: 1. If w( x) is topologically transitive, then w( x) C Per(f). 2. If w(x) is compact and not minimal, then w(x) has weak dependence; if w(x) has positive measure it has sensitive dependence.

4. In some cases it is possible to think of more striking or sophisticated examples. However, the purpose of these examples is merely to illustrate a point. We therefore chose, whenever possible, to present the most elementary example showing the intended behaviour. 4 are used in later chapters to classify the attractors at hand, so that these will in due course provide us with a more sophisticated and interesting example gallery. 1 of Axiom A attractors imply that Axiom A attractors are asymptotically stable attractors.

However, there is the conviction that they should not be an exceptional occurrence even in the non-hyperbolic case. Although somewhat speculative, this notion is supported by numerical evidence (see Dellnitz et al. [26]), generally by box-counting. 1 Introduction In Chapter 1 we discussed several notions of stability for compact invariant sets of dynamical systems. Here we shall prove that, under very general hypotheses, the set of connected components of a stable set of a discrete dynamical system possesses a tightly constrained structure.

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