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Show assessment courses: Grammar covers all of the key topics-from utilization to punctuations to tough words-while making a stable origin in grammar talents.

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This is someone conveying what Kevin said. No commas are needed. ➥ Use commas with titles and degrees only when they follow a person’s name. Commas: In an emergency, call Jackson Foster, MD. Lorraine Devonshire, PhD, has become president of our state college. No Commas: Call Dr. Foster in an emergency. Dr. Lorraine Devonshire has become president of our state college. ➥ Use commas when writing long numbers. When writing numbers, especially long ones, your teachers expect you to place commas in them to help readers understand the number more easily.

The items may be words or phrases. Words in a Series: Yellow, blue, red, and green are my favorite colors. Phrases in a Series: The cardinal flew around the house, above the tree, and under the power line. ➥ When you have two or more adjectives describing a noun or pronoun, use a comma to separate them. The young cat had gray, matted fur due to lack of care by its owner. ➥ If you have a series of items where the words or, and, or nor are connecting them, a comma is not necessary. Cats and dogs and hamsters are popular pets.

17. M. instead. 18. Pratishta couldn’t decide whether to watch Ace Ventura Pet Detective or Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. 19. The weather on Sunday was spectacular however we had to stay home to paint. 20. His new baby sister was precious her blue eyes were riveting. a. quotes, are used in writing to show the exact words someone said—exactly. This exact account is called a direct quotation. ➥ Direct quotations require the use of opening and ending quotation marks. Direct Quotation: “Mark always thinks he’s right,” said his little sister, Cheryl.

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