By Jesus Salvador Trevino

ISBN-10: 1558853499

ISBN-13: 9781558853492

Famous filmmaker Jesus Salvador Trevino participated in and documented crucial occasions within the Mexican-American Civil Rights flow of the past due Sixties and early Seventies. Coming of age throughout the turmoil of the sixties, Trevino recorded the struggles to arrange scholars and employees into the most important social and political circulate within the background of Latino groups within the usa.

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After several days it dawned on me that such reflection was selfdefeating. If mine was a solipsist universe, it would either abide by the laws of physics as I knew them, or it would not. If it did not, then it really didn’t matter what I believed, since, by definition, logic and reason did not apply. But if the laws of science did apply, then I would be foolish to walk in front of an oncoming train, say, because I might be killed. The notion of solipsism became subservient to the more important issue of whether I lived in a universe in which knowable laws of science existed.

Was Chávez, then, just another religious zealot? An internal conflict was unleashed. At war were deep emotions aroused by meeting Chávez and the carefully thought-out philosophical world view that was the core of my being. The debate between these opposing feelings forced me to examine anew issues that I thought I had settled some time before. Of Existence, God, and Humanity At the end of my freshman year in college, I was very close to dropping out. The alienation I felt from the predominantly white Occidental environment and my profound sense of inferiority about being Mexican had been overwhelming during the fall semester.

At the time, I didn’t believe it had been awarded due to merit or talent. I viewed the scholarship as charity to the underqualified and disadvantaged. The equation that kept me going in high school—that with hard work I could rise above others—was rudely challenged at Oxy. I met classmates who didn’t have to study as much as I did, but who still received better grades. Not only were many of them smarter than I was, but they were also more outgoing, involved in sports and a school social life. Topping it all, many of them were handsome or beautiful and came from privileged backgrounds.

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