By Mary Fieser

ISBN-10: 0471504009

ISBN-13: 9780471504009

This ongoing sequence, originated in 1967, has turn into the traditional consultant to the practise, houses and makes use of of millions of reagents, and extra references to reagents formerly mentioned. It comprises info on structural formulae, molecular weight, actual constants, most well-liked approach to guidance, and examples of significant makes use of. It additionally comprises information on accepted reagents from 1966 to 1988.

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An exampleis thesynthesis of bombykol(l), the sexattractant of the silkworm moth. ryg

S h i r a s a k a ,a n d H . Y a m a m o t oA, m . S o c . ,f f 0 , 3 1 0 ( 1 9 8 8 ) . r K. K. Nonoshita, T. Itoh, and H Yamamoto, Chem. Letters,2215(1987'). (f). The chiral diamine is prepared'by 1,2-Bis(tans-diphenylpynolidino)ethane reactionof (3R,aR)- or (3S,4S)-diphenylpyrrolidine with oxalyl chloride and triethylaminefollowed by reductionof the resultingdione with lithium aluminum hydride. 2 Grignard reagents pretreatedwith (-)-1 at -78'add to benzaldehydewith only slight enantioselectivity (-20Vo ee).

J. Maddox,Tetrahedron Letters,27,3307 0986). 3J. M. BrownandA. James,,l. C. S. ,l81(1987). oniition, are particularlyuseful tellurium' and as thoseof antimony,bismuth, Example: ; rh ltl bt I, CoH. (c6H5sor)2cN2+ (c6H5)3Sb '181o (c6H5So2)2C:Sb(C6H5)3 I R. L. Belford,A. E. Martell,andM' Calvin"/'Org' Nucl'Chem''2'l1 (1956)' 319(1988)' : C. Glidewell,D. Lloyd,andS' Metcalfe,Synthesis' (R)- and (S)'3,3"Bis(triphenylsilyl)binaphthol-Itimethylrluminum' Thesetworeagentsreacttoformachiralorganoaluminumreagentformulated as (R)- and (S)-1.

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