By Russ Kick

ISBN-10: 1938875125

ISBN-13: 9781938875120

The proper citation can swap your lifestyles. That compressed idea--expressed in precisely a couple of phrases, a sentence or two--can shift your pondering, set off an epiphany, regulate your approach of seeing the realm. The wisest, such a lot skilled, and so much considerate humans in historical past have left us those little thought-bombs. And this e-book collects them: magnificent, jolting, discomforting, and comforting insights into dwelling a whole, unbridled lifestyles, wondering authority and fact, in terms of fellow people, growing, risking, loving, dwelling with uncertainty, and staying sane in an insane world.

Poets, philosophers, scientists, musicians, artists, presidents, mystics, activists, lecturers, and others rub shoulders, giving us the advantage of their genuinely-earned knowledge, breakthroughs, breakdowns, undesirable offerings, surprising illuminations, and lightning wit. Sharing a few of life's most crucial classes are William Blake and Bruce Lee, Abraham Lincoln and Lorrie Moore, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Terence McKenna, René Magritte and St. Teresa of Avila, Zelda Fitzgerald and James Baldwin, and thousands more.

well prepared into subject matters we ask yourself about, Flash Wisdom's rousing insights and tough suggestions will attract somebody who's looking out, a person who doesn't slot in, somebody who questions the best way issues are...which is to claim, we all

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Mothers were queer creatures where their children were concerned. Sauce for the goose was not sauce for the gander. About?? began Miss Pettigrew desperately. Miss LaFosse leaned forward eagerly. Is everything all right?? Absolutely,? said Miss Pettigrew. You can set your mind at rest.? Oh, you darling!? s clasped hands, fell two drops of water and two more were trickling down her cheeks. Miss Pettigrew flushed a delicate pink. I have not,? had much affection in my life.? Oh, you poor thing,? said Miss LaFosse gently.

Miss Pettigrew gave it up. These conversational pyrotechnics were beyond her. She stared at him. He was dapper, neat, brisk, with brilliant, liquid brown eyes and dark hair. He had a jutting nose, a full-lipped mouth and a look about him that said he was not a man to play tricks with, yet a hint he could be pleasant enough if folks were pleasant with him. And yes,? somewhere in his ancestry there has been a Jew.? m not. m hungry. I want my breakfast.? Breakfast?? gasped Miss LaFosse. Breakfast!

She jumped to her feet. There was a flutter of draperies, a rush across the room with outstretched arms. Nick,? cried Miss LaFosse. Miss Pettigrew averted her eyes hastily. Oh dear!? thought Miss Pettigrew. so publicly. And I always thought they exaggerated kisses on the films.? s arms and Miss Pettigrew saw him clearly for the first time. Graceful, lithe, beautifully poised body. Dark, vivid looks: a perfection of feature and colouring rare in a man. Brilliant, piercing eyes of a dark bluish-purple colour: a beautiful, cruel mouth, above which a small black moustache gave him a look of sophistication and a subtle air of degeneracy that had its own appeal.

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